Auto Transportation

Auto Transportation

If you are planning to travel by air to your new home, consider moving your car, truck, motorcycle, and even boat to be transported by professional movers. Our sister company – Green Leaf Auto Transport has over 15 years in the auto transport industry and would be happy to assist. We provide fully insured, door to door services.

Auto Moving Options

Enclosed Transport

Those with classic or high end vehicles usually utilize our enclosed carrier option. This keeps from being damaged by flying debris, weather, etc. The vehicles are housed in the truck and there are likely less vehicles on the truck, so it could also be a faster transport in some cases. There is a 21 point inspection performed before loading, as well as after unloaded from the truck to ensure safe transit. Vehicles are insured from 250k up to 1 million in some cases.

Open Transport

This is the most common method of transporting a vehicle, This is the same type of service you would see delivering new vehicles to dealerships. Open carriers are also easier to reserve being that there are more open carriers then enclosed on the road. They still consist of the 21 point inspection and condition report on pick up and drop off, followed by 125k for insurance.