Storage Services

Storage Services

We totally understand you may need storage during your move. We provide our customer with many options to fit just about every need in order to keep the process smooth. Maybe you are waiting on the house to close, storage is a great option to fill in the gap in the mean time to ensure your locking in the best possible rate for your move cost. Even if we need to delay the delivery for your move, we have storage options to secure the items until you give us the green light to re-deliver, usually at no additional cost!

Short Term Storage

Storage in transit, in most cases, is free up to 30 days. The items would be housed in one of our climate controlled, vaulted facilities. These properties are private from the general public where items are secured in personal vaults. We understand how important your valued possessions are to you and take pride in providing the piece of mind you deserve, when storing your furniture and personal items.

Long Term Storage

In the event that you need to utilize storage outside of the 30 days, we got you covered! Cost is typically based on the size of your move as far as cubic feet where we offer some of the most competitive long term pricing on the market. These are again, climate controlled facilities on lock down from the general public. If you prefer to have access to the unit, we would assist in locating the most convenient, cost effective, storage location for your move.

Commercial Storage

Is your business thriving and ready for that next step in expanding? Compass Moving Group would love to be part of that next chapter! With long-distance commercial moving and storage, we offer storage options for furniture, heavy-duty equipment, & all of your standard office supplies. We can store your office items during your commercial long-distance move and then transport them according to your exact specifications. Short-term and long-term options are available. Rest assured that your business will be protected and stored at the utmost affordable rate while expanding.